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Wattletree Specialist Consulting Suites

Every medical practice needs great I.T. support. There will always be a time when the computers require more support and expertise than the practice staff can provide. There is nothing worse than the computers “going down” and not knowing how to fix the problem. I am sure that I spent half a year under the desk checking cabling each time the system misbehaved, as that was one of the delaying tactics employed by a previous IT support company! Recolitus are only a phone call away and it is wonderful to have an expert to share the grief with. They respond quickly and efficiently. We have used Recolitus expertise for many years and appreciate the help that they provide. Recolitus are pro-active in preventing problems before they occur – ensuring that backups are running well, updating programs and monitoring all aspects of our system. The technicians are reliable, honest and professional. Do I have to share them?

Marion Stephens
- Wattletree Specialist Consulting Suites, Frankston

Medical Software to Network Management

We've been really pleased with the way Recolitus looks after all of the IT needs specific to General Practice. From the peculiarities of medical software through to network management and internet security (and everything in between), they've got it all covered!

Dr Peter Shanley 
- Dorset Medical Centre, Croydon, Victoria

Recolitus is very strong for: Infrastructure, Maintenance and Support

Infrastructure: Over the last few years Recolitus has established a state of the art IT system tailor made for our practice.

Maintenance: By regular on- going system maintenance on site and off (priced reasonably, taking into account the size of the practice) downtime of our computer system has been zeroed down by Recolitus.

Support: The friendly competent tech expert is always contactable for hardware, software or other even remotely connected issues and resolved 100% and that’s what Recolitus is to us….100% reliable.

Rajan Barnabas, Practice Manager 
— New Life Medical Centre, Mulgrave, Victoria

Centrehealth Family Clinic

As we are a medical practice it is a very high priority to have a secure  and reliable computer systems. Anthony and his team at Recolitus have been taking care of all our computer and  network needs for the last 5 years. During this time we have had very  minimal preventable down time with our computers, and therefore no loss of  business or sensitive patient files.

Recolitus not only keep our system well maintained  and updated with the latest software but also advise when it is time to  upgrade certain hardware items that are past their use-by date. This helps  prevent disasters such as burnt out components vital to the running of the  systems. We pay a fixed monthly fee which covers all software updates and  also ensure that if we have a problem it is fixed via phone or remotely  immediately, or when this fails we have a call out within half an hour. As  the practice manager, the peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry  about the computers working, and the security of our files is worth every  dollar spent. And in reality, prior to Recolitus the money spent for an hourly  fee to update and repair out-dated and inferior products was often more  expensive and unreliable.

Catherine Hassall, Practice Manager 
— Centrehealth Family Clinic, Bentleigh, Victoria

Quality IT Support

We use Recolitus for over last 5 year for all our IT support. Great People, Great Service, Great Respond when we need them. What a relief. I would recommend Recolitus to anyone who is looking for a  high level of service and quality IT support company."

Theresa Tran, Practice Manager 
- Springvale Family Medical Centre, Springvale, Victoria

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