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From network design, to cabling, to installation, to managing, Recolitus  has more than 25 years of experience in Network Design, Management and Support.

Contact us for a Free Network Health Check.  We will:

•  Check your firewall’s security settings to make sure you are protected from the latest hacker attacks, worms, and viruses.

•  Scan and remove spyware that is secretly stealing your company’s bandwidth, jeopardizing the speed of your computer system, and embezzling confidential information about you, your employees, and your business.

•  Check your network’s back-up system to ensure it is working properly and accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you never want to lose.

•  Verify that you have the most up-to-date security patches installed properly; miss one critical update and you’re a “sitting duck.”

•  Diagnose slow, unstable PCs.

•  Perform a quick network “tune-up” to make programs and files load faster.

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